E-Fong Herbs 一方中藥

Our high-concentrate granulated TCM products are manufactured by Yifang Pharmaceutical Corporation in China and are specially packaged for distribution to licensed practitioners within the United States.

Yifang (YPC) is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise of TCM in China. Its products cover 88% of the China TCM Market and also expands to more than 20 countries in the world. YPC has earned the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in China and in Australia. YPC was the first company to process concentrated herbal teas and was assigned as a production base of concentrated herbs by the State Administration of TCM and the State Drug Administration in People's Republic of China. Highly advanced technologies at YPC are utilized in the concentration, extraction, separation, and formation of their varied herbal tea products. As while modern precision equipment monitors and tests quality throughout the manufacturing process.

YPC is strongly committed to ensuring the safeness, effectiveness, stability, and controllability of their herbal tea products and conforms to all FDA regulations. Through these rigid systems of manufacturing the highest quality herb tea powders, YPC is able to maintain the traditional herbs' quality, original flavor and fragrance!

The concentrated herbal teas ensure the same clinical results as the cooked raw herbs while offering the following added benefits:
  1. Convenient to inventory and dispense.
  2. Ease of preparation (heat water, add powder, mix).
  3. All granulated products have the equivalent dosage of larger packages of the raw herbs.

The concentrated herbal teas have revolutionized the traditional raw herb industry. The products, when first introduced, captured the prestigious "China Best Award" for excellence. Clinical practice involving 20 million patients in over 800 medical centers throughout the 32 provinces in China has proven its effectiveness.

Individual 10:1 granulated packets and 5:1 bottled granule products enable each practitioner the flexibility to formulate and modify formulas. Clinical effectiveness has resulted in the wide acceptance of YPC's concentrated granule products among both TCM practitioners and patients throughout China, Hong Kong, England, Holland, Canada, Australia, and America, to name a few.
To ensure the highest quality of each concentrated granule product, the raw herbs are specifically sourced from their respective native areas. For example, Dang Shen is obtained from Shangdang County in Shanxi province, and Huai Nui Xi is from Henan province. Chuan Nui Xi comes from Sichuan province.

E-Fong Herbs, Inc. offers concentrated herbal teas all packaged to effectively protect against moisture and any outside contaminants. Our products contains no sugar, or preservatives. All products are tested for heavy metal and monitored under strict quality control practices.